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MASTER OF ARTS IN ENGLISH M.A. (English) The master’s degree in English has four major areas of concentration: Asian Literature, English and American Literature, Creative Writing, and Teach- ing English as a Second Language. Students majoring in Creative Writing may choose to submit creative work (poems or stories; a play or a novel) as their thesis. A substantial critical introduction to such a thesis is generally required. Comprehensive Examination All candidates for the M.A. in English with concentration in literature and creative writing must pass two examinations before they enroll in Thesis Writ- ing. One examination is based on a reading list common to all such programs. The second examination is in the area of concentration. Within English and American Literature, the following may be chosen: The Beginning of English Literature English Literature of the Renaissance Seventeenth Century English Literature Eighteenth Century English Literature Nineteenth Century English Literature American Literature to 1900 English and American Literature of the Twentieth Century All candidates for Teaching English as a Second Language must pass the comprehensive examination purely for TESL concentration. Course Description 101 MEDIEVAL ENGLISH LITERATURE 2 units Survey of movements, influences and major works from Anglo-Saxon times to Caxton. 102 ENGLISH LITERATURE OF THE RENAISSANCE 3 units Prose and poetry of the chief writers from Wyatt to Shakespeare’s con- temporaries. Excluding Shakespeare. 103 ENGLISH LITERATURE OF THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY 3 units The major writers from Donne to Dryden 104 ENGLISH LITERATURE OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY 3 units Outstanding writers from Pope to Johnson, including development of such literary forms as the periodical essay, satire, sentimental comedy. 574
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105 ENGLISH ROMANTICISM 3 units A general survey of the Romantic Movement in England – themes, sym- bolism, and poetic modes – through a study of the poetry of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Bryon, and Keats. The lives and times of these poets will also be dis- cussed. 106 VICTORIAN LITERATURE 3 units Special attention to Tennyson, Macaulay, Browning, Carlyle, the Bron- tes, George Eliot, Thackeray, Dickens, Arnold, Ruskin, the Pre-Raphaelites. 108 APPROACHES TO THE TEACHING OF READING 3 units Study of different approaches to the teaching of reading; supervised ex- perience and basic principles of teaching reading.
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