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Analytic Essay Peer Review 1. What has the author done well in this draft? Let the author know what you admire about the essay. The essay is structured pretty well as a whole, and there are some very original points that you have made in the essay. 2. How directly does the author respond to the prompt? Does the author 1) make an argument about a single author’s voice in a single text, and 2) propose a definition of voice in general? How completely does this draft fulfill the requirements of the assignment? Too much generalization. For example, you said “This specific quote uses a variety of rhetorical devices that appeal to the reader both logically and emotionally.” You would have to elaborate more when you choose to write analytical statements like this. And focus more on the “voice” rather than the content that the author is trying to deliver. For example, you can single in on a single phrase like “whenever it fell upon me”, and elaborate how this would produce a particular characteristic of the voice of the author. 3. What do you consider to be the author’s thesis? Assess its specificity, sophistication, and arguability. Specificity: does the author avoid generalizations and use precise and accurate language that is uniquely relevant to her/his primary text? Sophistication: does the thesis avoid an overly-simplistic list of points and instead offer a complex and insightful statement?
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Arguability: does the author stake out a clear and original position? Could a reasonable person disagree with the proposed thesis? (Hint: if you can’t imagine disagreeing with or arguing back
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