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Pre-History o 30,000 – 10,000 bc Paleolithic era Old Stone Age o 10,000 – 6,000 bc Mezzo lithic era Middle Stone Age o 6,000 – 3,500 bc Neolithic era New Stone Age Traits of Epic poems o Founding of a culture o Religion of a culture o Epic Hero o Episodes o Trip to the Underworld o Epic simile o Epic list (weapons) o Supernatural creatures Mesopotamia – City States o Sumerian Cities Uruk (Gilgamesh0 Ur (Capital) Lagash o Sumerians Invented the wheel and used cuneiform for writing o Akkadian Cities Akkad o Akkadians Wrote the story of Gilgamesh o Gods Anu – Heaven Ninhursug – Fertility/Earth Enlil – Air Enki – Water Shamash – Sun Ea – God of all o Destructive Forces of nature Bull of heaven o Positive forces of nature Eagle with lion face o Polytheistic o Anthromorphic – Giving human traits to gods o Animism – Soul is in the stone Egyptian Culture o Literature
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Book of the Dead o Ka – Soul o
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