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Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business Effective Communication in Business Community Consulting Project (CCP) Deirdre Frontczak BUSN 179 Telephone: 707.494.6173 Spring 2017 [email protected] Community Consulting Project Working in teams of 4-6, this group assignment will consist of designing, developing, and delivering a project which addresses an issue related to a Silicon Valley organization. The project will include a proposal with collaterals, a scope of work to complete, a roundtable, a formal presentation, final deliverable, and an evaluation of the project team and individual contributions. The organization of choice must be in need of specific assistance (e.g., marketing or outreach support, consulting, increasing visibility, providing needed goods and services, financial analysis, technology advice, etc.). In this assignment, aim to further the Three C’s of Santa Clara University’s mission by becoming a team member who has Competence , acts with Conscience , and has genuine Compassion : The Jesuit advantage at Santa Clara University is the benefit that comes from connecting every aspect of your university education to create a total learning experience. Students here become members of a mutually supportive, intellectually powerful, compassionate, and open-minded community . http://www.scu.edu/jesuit/index.cfm CCP groups are restricted from: 1) handling money, 2) tabling at Benson, and 3) working with sole proprietors, restaurants, bars, medical marijuana organizations, & SCU on-campus organizations. Part I: Roundtable (30 points) The fourth week of class, discuss (15 min) the group’s project, event, and status update. 1. Who is your organization? 2. What problem are you proposing to solve? 3. How does your course of action address your organization’s need? (Convince the
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audience that your project has been carefully considered and is likely to result in successful implementation.) 4. What skills and experience does your team bring to the task? 5. What is the current status of the project? Most importantly, ask for critical feedback/advice from your peers based upon your briefing and their experiences.
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