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Question 1 2 out of 2 points What structure divides the thoracic cavity? What organs/structures are located here? Selected Answer: The mediastinum divides the thoracic cavity into right and left parts. The organs located here are the heart, thymus, trachea and esophagus. Response Feedback: [None Given] Question 2 1 out of 1 points The vental body cavity includes the ____________ cavity. Selected Answer: abdominopelvic and thoracic Question 3 1 out of 1 points _____________ membranes are serous membrane that cover internal organs. Selected Answer: visceral Question 4 3 out of 3 points Given the following, arrange in order of increasing complexity: Human, carbon atom, cartilage, glucose, stomach, neuron Selected Answer: carbon atom, glucose, neuron, cartilage, stomach, human
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Response Feedback: [None Given] Question 5 1 out of 1 points All of the chemical reactions occurring in an organism is called _______________. Selected Answer: metabolism Question 6 4 out of 5 points Describe what is meant by homeostasis and negative feedback. Briefly describe a
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