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Running head: FICTION ESSAY 1 The Fiction Essay On The Comparison Of The Lottery And The Destructor Name Professor Course Details Date Shirley Jackson, born in 1916 is the author of the book entitled “The Lottery” (Spark Notes Editors, 2007). She efficiently uses literacy tools, for instance, foreshadowing and suspense to capture the readers’ attention and put across some critical themes. According to Hyman & Jackson (2016), the author develops several themes in her story; these themes include the danger of following dangerous and obsolete tradition and the frequency of prosecution. The family and rules motifs are also evident. Lastly, the author use symbolism, that is, the black box to represent tradition and the lottery to describe any behavior or action passed through different generations. On the contrary, “The Destructors” is the story written by Graham Greene. Gale (2016) claims that Graham also uses literacy tools to attract the attention of his readers, for instance, he employs symbolism since the Mr. Thomas represents the high social class while the gang of young boys represents the lower social class in the society. Grahams deals with the
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FICTION ESSAY 2 following themes: social class and changing world, behavior, money and values of material possessions, destruction and creation, and age, adolescence, and rebellion. In the stories “The Lottery” and “The Destructors,” the authors employ different literacy tools in their works, they do not address similar themes.
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