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ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE NO. 4 Module 4 ELCC Standard 3 Management Name of Intern : Current Position: Part 1 - Identifying Data: Name / Title of Administrative Experience: ELCC Standard 3/Management Number/Title of the ELCC Standard: Standard 3/Management Operations Date(s): February-April, 2012 Person(s) Involved; Name(s) and title(s): Part 2 - Descriptive Summary: School safety has been and continues to be a critical issue in the lives of students, educators, parents, families, and community members. There is growing concern over the safety of schools due to recent local, state, and national school incidents of violence. Students struggle to learn when their safety is threatened. Educators are less able to provide effective instruction in an environment that they feel is unsafe. Incidents of violence in schools are well documented. Therefore, it is imperative that each school makes every effort to ensure the safety of their students and those that teach them. To begin my research, I met with School Safety Compliance Director is a in his third year in this role in our district. His job relates to Standard 3.3a-c well: Candidates use problem-solving skills and knowledge of strategic, long-range, and operational planning (including applications of technology) in the effective, legal, and equitable use of fiscal, human, and material resource allocation and alignment that focuses on teaching and learning. Candidates creatively seek new resources to facilitate learning. Candidates apply and assess current technologies for school management, business procedures, and scheduling.” …). If the district, administration or staff have any concerns or issues regarding safety drills, methods or procedures they speak with this supervisor. Gary was also in charge of our buildings Security and Vulnerability Assessment. Gary went over the Security and Vulnerability Assessments (“SVA”) from our building with me. This comprehensive SVA provided me a clear picture of our school’s overall security and emergency preparedness. The information will be used to strengthen the current security and emergency management program, thus enhancing the quality of life for our campus community.
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The Security and Vulnerability Assessment for our school included a systematic, physical examination of the interior of the building, the perimeter/parking lots and the surrounding area. The SVA included a full inspection of operational systems and interviews with key district/school leaders to gather valuable information on the security and fire & life safety systems within the complex. The SVA also evaluated the following areas: Emergency Response Plan/Safe School Plan and Integration with Public Safety Agencies A Crisis Response Team has been established. The team meets as needed. Local law enforcement and fire departments were involved in the creation of the district’s crisis plan only. Local law enforcement and the fire department are familiar with the layout of the school and are familiar with its procedures.
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