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Administrator Interview #2 Name of Person Interviewed: Position: History Department Chair ( Date of Interview: February 24, 2012 Summary of Interview: has been the department head for the history department at High School for the last six years. Before becoming a department head, he taught history in this same department for four years. Jon is currently in his eleventh year of teaching. He also went through a similar leadership program in earning his master’s. Joh does not know if he will continue on this path and get his licensure, he is not sold on the fact that he wants to be a building administrator. He told me he is completely content with teaching and serving as the department head in our building. When asked why he got into being a department chair, he replied it was a no-brainer for him. He said all the extra perks that go along with the additional workload that you may have far outweigh the negative aspects of the job. He spoke of an extra period for observations and collaboration with other teachers in the department, serving on a committee that directly made changes to the school curriculum and department, and a chance to guide other teachers and serve as a mentor for students. He also mentioned the extra stipend he receives for completing the task. said how nice it would look on a resume if he ever did decide to further pursue the licensure program and interview for a building administrator spot.
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