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Unformatted text preview: 64 Section 2 . Common Diseases and Disorders of Body Systems TrueIFalse /7 l g 1. Obesity may increase the risk for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. 2. Further research needs to be completed to understand Why obesity affects lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. 3. Massage is a common mainstream treatment for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. T 4. Relaxation therapy is a common alternative treatment used to relieve lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. £ 5. Most women with lymphedema after breast cancer surgery have found that alternative treatments to relieve the edema are totally ineffective. f’ . K.) CASE STUDY Janet, age 19, is a coIlege student. She is not eating or sleeping well, and she recently developed a sore throat. She visited the college health center and was diagnosed with mononucleosis. 1. Describe mononucleosis. lnéchous Same WrCofléZd/firxsm- Gil/I‘m / -' xx Sorthmai" wolf. . at a . cf’ 2. What treatment should she expect? Qt gm QQQQC s: :jbzoakgaiglggno Jgorfl: Q gimme!“ 15w 1 monfi. I4) ZI®5% PFILSS‘ ...
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