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Chapter 5: Total Quality Management at Valley Memorial Hospital 1. Describe why quality is so important in the healthcare industry. For other businesses low-quality can mean additional costs, or unsatisfied customers. However, in the healthcare industry low-quality can mean infection, harm, or death to the patients and lawsuits, imprisonment, or employment termination for the employees. Quality in healthcare is seen as a major partner in the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm”, and when that quality is associated with the reliability of life saving technologies and services, low quality can certainly do harm. 2. Describe why it is important to get patients’ assessments of health care quality. How would you respond to critics suggesting that patients do not have the necessary expertise to judge the quality of care received? It is crucial to the success of the hospital to receive feedback from the patients on the quality of their healthcare. If a patient feels that they have received the best quality care, they are likely to continue to use the hospital for their medical needs. As with any business, it is important to please the customer to keep them coming back. In this case, it is extremely important due to the fact that the health of the patient comes into play. If people suggest that the patients do not have the expertise, they are simply wrong. You need to market to the people that are going to influence the business. The patients know firsthand what good quality care is and what poor quality is. If they do not feel they have been treated accordingly, word will
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