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Chapter 3: Service Packages and Processes at Valley Memorial Hospital 1. Describe the service package offered by VMH to its customers. The service package VMH offers is a wide variety of services to its patient/customer base, from maternity care to geriatrics. The service package entails putting the patient first and assuring every patient's’ need is met. 2. Explain how the service package is consistent with the company’s mission statement and the emphasized competitive priorities. VMH aims to “foster and provide quality healthcare to the people we serve.” The VMH mission statement revolves around providing the highest quality of medical care. The level of service and broad field they cover ensures that they can achieve every aspect of their mission statement, including their competitive priority to be the leader in the community’s quality of health. 3. Draw a simple process flow diagram illustrating the different steps a patient arriving at VMH to receive a specific treatment must go through before leaving VMH. () 4. In terms of classification of services, explain where VMH could be placed. VMH could easily be placed under Pure services. This is because it has a high face-to-face contact since it is a hospital. This type of work place is very labor intensive because patients are constantly coming in and out of the hospital whether it be serious injury or to get a prescription for their medication. Each patient comes in for a different reason, this is why the service is “customized”. The doctor cannot treat a patient with the flu the same as a patient with a broken bone. 5. Describe to what extent, VMH uses technology in its service design. Describe any additional areas where VMH might substitute technology for people. VMH prides itself with its use of technology in its service design. Their Radiology lab uses CT, MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray, and Nuclear technologies. Their Medical/Surgical care uses advanced laparoscopic, and endoscopic procedures. The Geriatric Care unit uses CT and lab work to rule out issues. The Rehab and Therapy division uses a Holter (heart) Monitor, PFT, and
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