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FAML 360_Mood Log.doc - Mood Log Worksheet Situation or...

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Mood Log © & Worksheet Situation or Event: Yesterday, I found out that the relationship between the boy I liked for years and dated in high school and our mutual friend was more serious than I was told at the time. He is now on a mission and our possible relationship ended two years before that. Their relationship was the gap of time. Emotions % befor e % after Emotions % befor e % after Sad, blue, depressed, down, unhappy 80 40 Hopeless, discouraged , pessimistic, despairing 90 40 Anxious, worried, panicky, nervous , frightened 100 100 Frustrated, stuck , thwarted, defeated 40 10 Guilty, remorseful, bad, ashamed 90 75 Angry, mad, resentful, annoyed, irritated , upset, furious 60 30 Inferior , worthless, inadequate , defective, incompetent 75 25 Other (describe) Lonely, unloved, unwanted, rejected, alone, abandoned 80 20 Other Embarrassed, foolish , humiliated, self-conscious 40 10 Other Negative Thoughts % belief before % belief after Distortions More Accurate, Positive Thoughts % belief 1. Why did he pick her? It’s so unfair. This
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