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ECON 3 Fall 2016 1 Economics 3: International Economics, Growth, and Development Fall 2016 Adina Ardelean Office: Lucas Hall - 216X Email: [email protected] Course web page on Camino: http:/camino.scu.edu/ Office hours: Tue, Th 11:00 am – 11:45 am, or by appointment 1. Course Learning Objectives: ! Define and interpret international accounts and statistics, including trade and capital flows, balance of trade, balance of payments, current account, and exchange rates. ! Analyze international trade and specialization using the theory of comparative advantage, and assess the effects of trade on incomes, economic growth, and distribution. ! Apply theories of trade and welfare economics to evaluate the distributional and efficiency impacts of trade policies, including tariffs, quotas, and other forms of protectionism. ! Describe and analyze the economic effects of international agreements and institutions. ! Analyze the behavior of international financial and currency markets: balance of payments, determination of exchange rates, purchasing power parity, and international financial crises. ! Analyze monetary policy making under different exchange rate regimes. ! Use economic theory and evidence to evaluate policies aiming to foster economic development and poverty reduction. This course is associated with the Public Policy Pathway: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PATHWAYS You can find information about Pathways on the Core Curriculum website http://scu.edu/core including specific Pathways, all courses associated with them, and the Reflection Essay prompt and rubric used to evaluate the final essay you will submit. http://www.scu.edu/provost/ugst/core/pathways/managing-your-pathway-work/ SAVE YOUR WORK FROM THIS CLASS If you declare this Pathway, you may use a representative piece of work from this course as one of the Pathway materials you will upload via eCampus during your junior or senior year. Therefore, we recommend that you keep electronic copies of your work using Dropbox or Google Docs, in addition to saving copies on your own computer or flash drives. This may ensure you will have a range of choices for retrieving your saved files when you analyze and assemble your Pathway materials in preparation to write the Pathway reflection essay.
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ECON 3 Fall 2016 2 2. Prerequisites: The official requirements for the class are Econ 1 and Econ 2 or the equivalent. Mastery of supply and demand analysis and basic micro and macroeconomics is essential. The course will also make extensive use of graphical analysis and require some basic algebra. 3. Camino Webpage: During the term course materials such as lecture slides, readings, discussion questions, homework problems and solutions, practice exams with answers, and other optional reading links will be posted on the website. All students are expected to make use of this site for course materials.
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