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Hector – Talking Through Troubles In this particular case, we’ll be discussing about Hector, a young adult who is attempting to complete high school. Hector is known to be a party boy, a friend to everyone… Everyone loves him. Even people who don’t know him are crazy about him, the girls epically, because he is beguiling and charming. One of the teachers who he is very close with, Ms. Turner would describe him, “He’s bright with a talent for getting right to the heart of an issue but his school performance has been erratic. He usually manages to complete assignments just before they’re due. He shows ability to think lucidly and write concisely; however his attendance at school has been so poor that his teachers may be required by school policies to give him failing grades.” After reading thoroughly on the case, it seems the source of his troubles is at his home and neighborhood. He has experienced quite a challenging life style through abusive family relationships, his struggles in school and witnessing and experience the gangs. Hector is originally from Mexico but as an infant, his parents immigrated to United States, seeking for a better life for their children. Initially, his father goes to San Diego to work and his mother brought him along with his older sister to live with her relatives in a large Midwestern city. For several years, his parents maintained a long distance relationship soon following after couple of years, his father join the family, after Hector’s younger brother was born. During his younger years of life, he was constantly moving because they were still seeking for a safe neighborhood to live. Once they finally settled in, at first Hector stated that it was good when they first moved in but now is experiencing issues with gangs. Despite his frequent moving around, he had a typical childhood life. He was happy to be with his family and friends to play. “We used to pack sandwiches and take blankets. We were all on the bus together in the back, just talking. I used to enjoy going to the zoo a lot, seeing the
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animals, just chilling.” He was obviously very close to his siblings despite the couple of years difference, they still had similar interests. His older sister, who was 3 years older than him practically took care of him and his younger brother. She would cook meals, get him ready for school, talked with him about problems he had and taught him about life. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long when she was 16. That’s when the family issues began. His sister gotten into a big fight with the family that resulted her running away and the family refusing her to let her come back.
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