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Total No. of Questions : 5] SEAT No. : [4790] - 101 P.G. Diploma in International Business (PGDIB) International Marketing and Management (Old and New) (Paper - I) ) Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100 Instructions to the candidates: 1) All questions are compulsory 2) All questions carry equal marks. P1316 [Total No. of Pages : 2 Q1) Define ‘international marketing’. State and explain the benefits and risks of international marketing. OR What are the different modes of entering overseas markets? Discuss. Q2) Explain different methods of advertising and publicity in international marketing. OR Explain the role and importance of different types of overseas distribution channels. Q3) What is joint venture? Explain the process and techniques of joint venture in international marketing. OR Explain the process of ‘counter trade’ and ‘ licensing’ in international marketing. Q4) Define ‘logistics’. Explain the objectives and scope of marketing logistics. OR Explain the structure, challenges and opportunities for India’s shipping industry. P.T.O.
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