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BIBL 364 T HEMATIC P ANEL 2 (A CTS 3:1–6:7) E VALUATION OF T HEMATIC D EVELOPMENT Student: Sara Carroll-Morgan C OLUMN 1 P ARAGRAPHS C OLUMN 2 I MMEDIATE C ONTEXT (S TORIES OR S PEECHES ) C OLUMN 3 M AJOR P OINTS C OLUMN 4 P ANEL T ITLE AND T HEMATIC SUMMARY STATEMENT 3:1–10 Peter heals the cripple ¹ 3:1-5:42 The Apostles preach and proclaim Christ 3:1-6:7 Title: The Gospel is Proclaimed Summary: The Apostles preach about Jesus while the Sanhedrin grows weary. The Apostles are threatened and they persevere. 3:11–16 Peter preaches about Christ 3:11-26 Peter preaches about Jesus ¼ 3:17–26 Peter preaches of the prophecy of Christ ¹ ¼ 4:1–4 John and Peter are arrested 4:1-22 John and Peter arrested and Sanhedrin deliberates ¼ 4:5–7 John and Peter appear before the Sanhedrin and questioned ¼ ¼ 4:8–12 John and Peter proclaim Christ to Sanhedrin ¼ ¼ 4:13–22 John and Peter forbidden to preach and let go ¹ ¼ 4:23–31 Peter and John pray with believers for boldness 4:23-5:16 The community of
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