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BIBL 364 T HEMATIC P ANEL 7 (A CTS 19:21–28:31) E VALUATION OF T HEMATIC D EVELOPMENT Student: Sara Carroll-Morgan C OLUMN 1 P ARAGRAPHS C OLUMN 2 I MMEDIATE C ONTEXT (S TORIES OR S PEECHES ) C OLUMN 3 M AJOR P OINTS C OLUMN 4 P ANEL T ITLE AND T HEMATIC SUMMARY STATEMENT 19:21–22 Riot in Ephesus ¼ ¼ 19:21-28:31 The Apostle Paul endures several extremely difficult situations from being beaten, placed on trial several times, and eventually shipwrecked. He does all of this in pursuit of what he knows that God has called him to, while knowing that God would protect him. 19:23–27 Demetrius the silversmith warns fellow workers of Paul ¼ ¼ 19:28–31 Gaius and Aristarchus are taken into 19:23-41 Riot in the City ¼ 19:32–34 Alexander placed in front of group ¼ ¼ 19:35–41 Alexander dismisses crowd and releases Gaius and ¹ ¼ 20:1–6 Paul goes to Macedonia, Greece and other areas. 20:1-16 Encouragement to Churches ¼ 20:7–12 Eutychus raised from the dead ¼ ¼ 20:13–16 Paul heads for Miletus ¼ ¼ 20:17–21 Paul tells elders of the church that he must ¼ ¼ 20:22–24 Paul explains that he is going to Jerusalem ¼ ¼ Page 1 of 7
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BIBL 364 20:25–31 Paul encourages elders to be on guard ¼ ¼ 20:32–35 Paul blesses the church elders ¼ ¼ 20:36–38 Paul bids farewell to the elders ¹ ¼ 21:1–6 Paul arrives in Jerusalem 21:1-26 Paul in Jerusalem ¹ 21:7–9 Paul’s group stays at the house of Philip the evangelist ¼
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