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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant AEC JCA.00 Employment Prospects Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants working with a team of lawyers and/or notaries Immigration Consultant Admission Criteria Have successfully completed a minimum of two years of post-secondary studies. Have a training deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies. Concentration Courses Introduction to Immigration Law, Permanent Residence and Citizenship (60 h) Recourses and Tribunals (60 h) Communication and Writing (45 h) Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Client Representation (60 h) Practice Management and Operating a Small Business (45 h) Accounting Principles (45 h) Provincial, Territorial and Quebec programs (75 h) Refugees and Protected Persons (60 h) Federal Economic Classes (45 h) Temporary Residence (60 h) Family Class and Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications (45 h) * The College reserves the right to substitute certain courses. DAY - 2 SEMESTERS | EVENING - 3 SEMESTERS
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