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EDA 509 Benchmark Term Assignment 1. What opportunities, if any, does your district’s Teacher Evaluation Program Model provide supervisors to act as collegial supervisor? If your district is implementing the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) this school year, clearly indicate early in your paper, that OTES is your district's evaluation model. My school district does have OTES Evaluation Program. According to the State of Ohio, The OTES was collaboratively developed by Ohio teachers, school administrators, higher education faculty, and representatives from Ohio’s professional associations, in collaboration with national experts in the area of teacher evaluation. “Tom” says, supervision is a formative process that focuses upon professional development and the improvement of instruction. It is characterized by a collegial which is according to our text, a helping relationship between administrators and the teachers in a climate of trust and mutual understanding. Supervision encourages professional growth and development of staff and high quality classroom performance that promotes improved student learning. In a quality supervision program, the following collegial conditions are present: It is assumed that supervision is a participatory process with an ongoing dialogue between administrators and teachers to find improved methods for the delivery of instruction. Administrators strive to share the principles and practices of quality teaching while promoting input and decision making on the part of the teachers. 2. To what extent, if any, does your district’s model provide supervisors with the opportunity to differentiate their supervisory efforts based on a teacher’s years place on the career cycle as described in Chapter 4 of your textbook?
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Supervision encourages a wide variety of instructional techniques and diversity in teaching methods which take into account the unique talents and capabilities of each teacher.
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