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Deven Fuller Chapter 2 Assignment: Supermarket Worksheet For the following list of food items, please go to your local supermarket and fill in the information requested in the table below. Food product Aisle location What items are on the opposite side of the aisle? Shelf location Is the price readily available? Vanilla ice cream cups Back frozen aisle  (No number) Chips and coffee It took up the entire shelf. Yes Hot dog rolls G18 Peanut butter  It took up the entire shelf. Yes Fresh broccoli G16 Frozen appetizers  Top shelf  Yes Canned fruit cocktail G23 Canned soup  It took up the entire shelf. Yes Infant formula N16 Baby food It took up the entire shelf. No Elbow noodles G23 Spam/tuna It took up the entire shelf. Yes Canned soup G22 Dried food It took up the entire
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