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EDT 502 PHILOSOPICAL STUDIES IN EDUCATION: Study of the writings of major philosophers as they relate to education (including those in the Marianist tradition). Interpretations are made for the development of a critical, personal theory of teaching, counseling, educational administration, and psychological services. (3 sem. hrs.) EDT 503 HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES: Study of the relationship of schools and social change in the United States from colonial times to the present. Interpretations of changes in educational policies for the development of a critical theory of education. (3 sem. hrs.) EDT 503* HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS: This course will focus on the philosophy of Catholic education in the United States as it developed historically. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 505 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP : The focus of this course is leadership within schools and the role of the educational leader as scholar/practitioner emphasizing excellence in the educational organization through the effective integration of theory and practice. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 505* EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATORS: This course will focus on leadership as ministry within the Catholic school, parish community, and American culture. It will attempt to provide Catholic school educators with the concepts, values, attitudes, and skills necessary for effectiveness in creating and maintaining a quality religious and academic environment. The concept of leadership will be examined as it relates to the mission and goals of Catholic education in school settings: faculty and staff; students and parents; and community. Successful leadership concepts, modern approaches to effective management and leadership styles will be highlighted as they relate to various administrative task areas. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 507 INTERNSHIP I: This course provides opportunities for the student to experience administrative responsibilities. Emphasis is placed on practicing the skills learned in the master's program, receiving feedback on efforts, and relating practice to theory. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 507* INTERNSHIP I FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATORS: The purpose of this course is to expose the students to the day-to-day operations of the Catholic elementary or secondary school and its administrative functioning. The requirements include: attendance at school board/education commission meetings, educational leader interviews, administrative experiences, and a major school or diocesan-related project. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 509 SUPERVISION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT : This course in the theory and practice of supervision is designed to explore essential concepts and skills necessary in providing leadership in the area of formative and summative evaluation for the improvement of teaching and learning. Emphasis will be placed on concepts and means of the scholar/practitioner providing
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leadership in the supervisory task areas and building learning communities through critical reflection. (3 sem. hrs.) EDA 510 INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP: The course focus is on
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