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sfs.yorku.ca/fees/your-student-account Tip #1: Make Full-Time Learning Your Full-Time Job: Learning takes time, and in-class hours are only the start. Full-time university requires as much time as a full-time job, so plan a schedule that allows you 35-40 hours, every week, for learning, including in-class time and independent study. Tip #1: Studying is like learning how to drive, it’s dangerous to try to do it in just one day: The best way to ace your exams at university is to go to every class, keep up with the readings right from Day 1, and learn the material, week by week. Don’t wait for a test or assignment before you start studying! The course syllabus will help you understand what the course is trying to teach you, so keep it handy and check back often. When studying, always understand first, and memorize later. Tip #1: Start early because writing is a process: Writing is a process of thinking through questions and concepts, which is why it can feel like such a struggle. In order to write effective
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