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Running head: LIFE, LOVE, AND LOYALTY 1 Life, Love, and Loyalty Keona Waller Brookline College June 8, 2017
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LIFE, LOVE, AND LOYALTY 2 Life, Love, and Loyalty The love for a brother is supposed to transcend all borders, and the brotherly comradery of soldiers is no exception. Lt. Cross and Sonny’s brother had obligations involving the lives of others; both men put aside those moral duties for love, family and selfishness. Due to the lack of loyalty, both men encountered tragedies causing them to rethink their loyalty towards those they call brother. Love Makes One Blind Lt. Cross was supposed to be the leader of his troop. It was his responsibility to make sure all his men completed their mission as safe as possible, however Lt. Cross was so consumed with love for a woman back home, he read the letters she sent him daily, keeping them with him always. Daily Lt. Cross would stare at her photo daydreaming about her in white shorts. She once sent him a pebble that she found on the shore, he kept it in his mouth to remind him of her and the way her knee felt on the day of their only date when he placed his hand there.
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