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September 28, 2017 Keona Waller PH330 Chapter 3 Quiz, Q. 1-10 p.106 True 1. Some facts can be determined by measurement. Support for Answer: A fact can be verified (or confirmed as true and accurate) through experience, observation, testing, measurement, testimony and record. (p.78) True 2. Some facts can be confirmed by the senses, others by records. Support for Answer: By definition, a fact is something known with certainty through experience, observation, or measure. (p.105) True 3. The most reliable facts are those that have been repeatedly confirmed by tests over time. Support for Answer: Data are not considered facts until their existence or truth can be verified (or agreed to be accurate) by reliable sources. Verification comes from direct observation, witness testimony, records, documentation, and testing. (p.80) True 4. Facts often consist of obvious details that are seen but not consciously recognized. Support for Answer: We seem to lack a word to describe things claimed to be facts but not yet conclusively verified as such. (p.80)
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