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W a l m a r t v s . A m a z o n | 1 Management Information Systems Chapter 3 Study Case 3-13 Analyze Walmart and Amazon.com using the competitive forces and value chain models.
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W a l m a r t v s . A m a z o n | 2 Traditional model: We can see that the costs of Amazon and Walmart are equivalent yet I think Amazon has a bit inch since it gives free delivery. The two organizations have broken even with the number of clients. Value chain model: Amazon Customers expect a greater quality of items as a result of the brand name of Amazon. Walmart's productivity is pulling in clients at this moment due to the physical appearance of the items. In a separate examination, individuals who are interested in web-based shopping incline toward Amazon and people who preferred to purchase the items with physical appearance. 3-14 Compare Walmart and Amazon's business models and business strategies. Walmart center business is more engaged in retail than the online business. Amazon's center business depends on web-based business as it were. The two organizations intend to give
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