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JORDAN 1 ASC200 – SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES W EEK 2 LECTURE: CONVENTIONAL DESIGN - buildings contribute to 40% of global energy use - Canadian buildings contribute to 60% of electricity consumptions - The 2030 challenge is to use renewable buildings so that by 2030 we are carbon neutral TERMS FROM LEAST TO MOST SUSTAINABLE 1. conventional 2. green 3. sustainable - net zero, carbon neutral 4. regenerative - net positive and carbon positive READING: LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE PERKINS + WILL ARCHITECT FIRM – VAN DUSEN BOTANICAL GARDEN example of net positive architecture READING: DRIVING TO GREEN BUILDINGS CHESAPEAKE BAY FOUNDATIONS PHILIP MERRILL ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE - Photovoltaic panels: converts sunlight directly to electricity - Rainwater harvesting: collecting water from a roof or other surface and
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