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Memorandum TO: Frances J. Ranney FROM: Susan Chaaban DATE: 27 February 2017 SUBJECT: Creating Green Spaces in Detroit This memo proposes that I research the likelihood of persuading the “Creative Empowerment Opportunities” organization and the City of Detroit to allow its parks department to turn the vacant lots in Detroit into green spaces. After I describe the lack of green spaces and the problems that arise from that issue, I will describe the remaining documents that are going to be a continuation of this project topic, along with the actions taken toward its achievement, and the primary and secondary audiences for each document. I’m then going to list the five formal research questions that will further my knowledge and understanding of this topic to guide me through my study and lead me to my findings. Lastly, I provide a timeline that maps out my journey through this project that will meet all the deadlines and deliver pleasing results. I feel that this project is not only doable, but also significantly effective in the revitalization of Detroit. Project: Authorizing Green Spaces in Detroit Nearly one-third of the City of Detroit is made up of vacant lots and abandoned homes (see survey 2010). These abandoned lands serve no purpose for the people living there and has ruined the image of Detroit, which was once a glorious and prosperous city where everyone wanted to be. If the City of Detroit transforms these vacant lots in the city into green spaces, then the city will be restored to its former glory, and the people living in it will be healthier and happier. My project will research organizations that create green spaces and the benefits that come from them so that I can form a certain amount of additional documents that will all contribute to persuading the city why they need to convert their vacant land into healthy green spaces.
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