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Running head: THE ITALIAN ETHNIC FOOD MARKET Hun 3126 Professor Crocker 03/03/2017 La Casa Del Pane 7110 gulf blvd St pete beach Fl 33706 www.lacasadelpane.us The Italian Ethnic Food Market A.B University of South Florida
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THE ITALIAN ETHNIC FOOD MARKET The ethnic food market I visited is the La Casa Del Pane Gianni and Anna. It is an old Italian gourmet market that serves a variety of fruits, vegetables, Italian fresh baked bread, pizzas, pastas, among other food items. This market is not like your regular Italian market and I will demonstrate to you, why I believe it is a different ethnic market from all others. This research paper will demonstrate the common foods, meaning of dishes, foods available in the market, core foods, inedible foods, acculturation and adaptation. This old Italian Gourmet market is located on the beautiful island of St Petersburg beach, Fl. What distinguishes this Italian gourmet apart from other Italian markets, is its pizzas, bread and salads. The Pizza and salads sets the tone for the market. The names of the dishes are very long, but they have a significant meaning in the Italian culture. Take for example, the the A La Maddalena pizza. The A La Maddalena pizza contains food choices of zucchini, mascarpone, Mozzarella and roasted peppers (La Casa Del Pane, n.d). Mascarpone is a type of Italian coagulated cream cheese with the addition of lime juice (Why go Italy, 2008). On the other
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