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JORDAN 1 ASC200 – SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES W EEK 3 LECTURE: PRIMARY QUESTIONS think about ETFE for research essay ENVIRONMENTAL: does the design strategy or material choice reduce the fossil fuel use associated with the building, thereby helping reduce climate change? ECONOMICAL: is the design a material affordable compared to existing approaches? SOCIAL: does the design or material positively impact the users of the building? TERMINOLOGY REVIEW green is good sustainable is great net positive is amazing LECTURE 2 REVIEW Q: What is the difference between operational and embodied energy? A: Embodied is the energy used to create the building eg. Construction. Operational is how much the building uses eg. Electricity. Q: What is a third space, why are they important and what has it got to do with “dead malls”? A: Build cities where people can live work and play in the same area to reduce the amount of travel time in their car, which reduces gas emissions. Smart Growth: Live, Work, Play QUIZ RECAP I = P x A x T stands for Human Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology PREVIEW / OUTLINE Finish urban scale building form and vernacular architecture building site SYSTEMS - a system is a collection of parts that function as a whole
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JORDAN 2 - eg. to be healthy we cannot focus on one body part we need to focus on the system MULTIPLE LEVELS - systems exist within the building and within the city - systems in a building include electrical, water, HVAC - synergy: when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts URBAN ZONE SCALE TECHNICAL SYNERGIES cities offer synergies between buildings such as: - exchange of thermal (heating or cooling) surplus or deficits - exchange of domestic hot water surplus or deficits -
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