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Journal Article Summary and Critique May Term 2017.docx

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Journal Article Summary/ Critique (worth 15 pts) Choose an article from a scientific journal that relates to a topic of your choice in development or physiology. This should not be a review article. The article should include scientific data and analysis. You will be required to submit a typed report on your article (~1000-1200 words). It should include a concise summary of the major experiments and conclusions of the manuscript as well as describe your critique of the paper. Was the paper well written, understandable? Were the experiments done appropriately? Were their observation and conclusions credible? Do you agree with their analysis/conclusions? Why or why not? What, if anything, could have been done differently or better. If you were the editor of a prestigious journal and you were reviewing this paper for submission, would you: Accept Accept with revisions (if so, note the revisions) Reject. This must be explicitly stated in your assignment (eg,"I would accept this paper without revisions") Hand in a copy of the journal article with your assignment. Staple the journal article to your
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