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1 IT 331: Hospital Clerk Scenario IT 331: Hospital Clerk Scenario By Aimee Simpson March 31, 2017 Commo nplace Hospita l
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2 IT 331: Hospital Clerk Scenario My recommendation for the intake clerk, Lucile Ball, is to accommodate her needs while maintaining low costs for our company. We may need assistance from a couple departments outside of Information Systems in order to achieve this for Ms. Ball. We may need someone from Human Resources as the Compliance Officer to assist with making sure that we address her needs for an ergonomic workstation and someone from Facilities too. We want to ensure that every effort is made to accomplish accommodating her needs as well as the company’s. My technology recommendations are to purchase a larger monitor, one that is at least 23 to 24 inches diagonal and a glare protection screen that has blue light screen protection for her monitor. She will also need a drop down keyboard, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, HoverCam TV5, and CDesk Compass. The Dell S2415H 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor will cost $145.00, the screen protector will cost $37.99, the drop down keyboard drawer will cost
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