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For your first response paper (750 words), which is due Tuesday, October 3rd, consider the ways that Alice Walker’s short story “The Flowers” (1973) reflects Cornel West’s call for a new kind of cultural worker in his essay, “The New Cultural Politics of Difference.” If we take the literary as an important kind of cultural work, then how does her short story represent a kind of resistance—at the level of culture—to what West identifies as “the modern Black diaspora problematic of invisibility and namelessness” (102)? Focusing upon the imagery, characterization, and symbolism of Walker’s short story show how Myop, the main character, represents a different approach (or radical response) to what West means by “invisibility and namelessness” and the problem of “White normative gazes” (107). Think about what kind of a “world” this story evokes, how it represents a
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