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LAWS20062 T2 2017 Assignment 2 (3).pdf

LAWS20062 T2 2017 Assignment 2 (3).pdf - LAWS20062 TERM 2...

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LAWS20062 - TERM 2, 2017 ASSESSMENT 2 - INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Marks : 50% of the overall assessment for the course Submission : Online via Moodle Format : One file in .doc or .docx (MSWord) format. Submissions in any other file format (e.g. .zip ) will be treated as a non- submission. Word limit: 3000 words Due date: Week 12 Wednesday (04-Oct-2017) 04:00 PM AEST Return to students: Exam Week Monday (16-Oct-2017) Extensions policy: The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds. Any extension application should be made before the due date for submission. Medical conditions should be supported by a medical certificate, and, since students are expected to start the assignment early, temporary or last-minute conditions are usually not grounds for an extension. Professionals are expected to manage their time to meet their obligations, so work or personal commitments are insufficient grounds for an extension.
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