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Running Header: Developing Protocol 1 Developing Protocol Kaplan University NS321 – 04 Nutritional Planning & Management Professor Etcheverry September 29, 2017
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Developing Protocol 2 Developing Protocol Once I had Jane assigned as my patient I would first review all previous tests that she had completed. I will verify that Jane was diagnosed with extreme anemia, which is a condition caused from a lack of iron. Confirmation of this diagnosis shows the patient has fewer red blood cells than normal or the patient has less hemoglobin than normal in each red blood cell. There are many things that can contribute to causing Jane’s deficiency, they include recent pregnancy, heavy menstrual cycles, poor absorption of iron, or ulcers within the adnominal region. After review of the full blood panel and I am able to identify that Jane has extreme anemia I will then advise Jane of a nutritional protocol to assist her recovery from iron deficiency in order to help her move forward to her next pregnancy with no issues.
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