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1. The argument again international sweatshops were as follows, the first being Unconscionable wages, the companies do not pay appropriate wages to the workers, they should be paid a “living wage” that would allow them to feed and care for their families. Second being, Immiserisation thesis, that is, the country lowers the minimum wage levels so that MNC’s will want to invest in their economy making the gap between the rich and poor wider, which is the opposite of what a MNC is supposed to do in a developing country. The purpose of a developing country allowing MNC into its economy should be to increase the economy not make it worse. 2. The wages paid by MNCs in international sweatshops are usually equal to, if not higher, than comparable wages in the labor markets of the countries, creating better jobs and opportunities for workers in that country. Workers in the formal sector often earn more than the informal and rural workers. The people in developing countries are eager to work in sweatshops, and voluntarily
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