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Harm Reduction: Exchange of needles, condoms and methadone. Controversial because it helps people to use safely, but can be enabling. Celebrate Recovery: Christian Version of AA; God-based, added 8 more steps to the 12 steps which are all paired with bible verses. Healthy support systems:   How do you build one? How do you get the family on board? Sharing the relapse prevention plan will help. Help the client with relapse prevention support systems, like support groups, group therapy, and 12 step meetings! Triggers:   map them out with a client, help them figure out their own triggers! Early recovery:   Internal change, education, having your inventory every day, acceptance, knowing yourself, and knowing how to live without using. They are so caught up in trying to identify and learn their own triggers, cravings, thoughts, etc., that their mind is set specifically on their drug use, most likely allowing them to think about it so much that they want to go use more .
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