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Jordan 1 Final Essay Question 2: Bissoondath is not against the idea that cultural diversity should play a role in equity; however, he believes there is a vindictive quality in the way equity is put into practice. In a way, they way it is practiced punishes the privileged and fuels toxic relationships between the groups. There is subjection in what is justice and what is punishing. Is it true that people want diversity when it suppresses a group of people? I agree with his view because people come to Canada to become a Canadian citizen and all citizens should be treated the same. For example, a person of Native American decent can get into University of British Columbia more easily than someone that is white because they have to fill an ethnic quota “why make the intellectual effort when other factors will ensure success?” (Bissoondath 97). This is not treating everyone the same because it should be about equality not equity. This gives everyone a fair playing field. The system we have right now is not based on who works the hardest or deserves
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