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1 Running Head: DISCUSSION QUESTION Student Name: Instructor Name: Course Title: Date of Submission:
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2 Running Head: DISCUSSION QUESTION According to the textbook, in-memory databases (IMDB) are making significant inroads into database management. Imagine that you are a consultant to a large transaction- oriented Web-based company. Establish the key benefits of the IMDB to the company’s CEO. Suggest the type of infrastructure changes that would be required. An in-memory database (IMDB) is a database management system that fundamentally depends on principle memory for PC information stockpiling. It is diverged from database management systems that utilize a circle-stockpiling component. By utilizing IMDB innovation, ongoing applications, for example, exchange arranged Web administrations could pick up a bunch of advantages by taking advantage of the preparing force of multi-center processors to improve Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) execution. This is expert in light of the fact that IMDBs are equipped for putting away whole database structures in memory. With the information in
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