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Prelab_4.pdf - PHY 102M Prelab 4 1(3 points What is the...

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PHY 102M Prelab 4 1. (3 points) What is the purpose of this lab? What physical concept are you learning by performing the experiments in this lab? How does the experiment relate to the physical concept you learn in this lab? 2. (2 points) What will be the units of energy? In your lab manual, you come across terms called ‘kinetic energy’ and ‘potential energy’ and their respective formulas. You are not convinced these look like energies for a body, so you do units analysis. What units will ‘kinetic energy’ and ‘potential energy’ have? Page 1 of 2
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3. (2 points) If a ball of mass m is dropped from a height h , use conservation of energy to find the speed of ball at the bottom. Using this general formula, calculate the height from which the ball was thrown
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