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Postlab_3.pdf - PHY 102M Postlab 3 1 What is the purpose of...

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PHY 102M Postlab 3 1. What is the purpose of Lab 3? What did we measure, what does this mean? 2. If you could eliminate all friction in this experiment, would it be easier or harder to keep the system in equilibrium? 3. If I you have two forces with magnitudes 10 N each, what is the maximum resultant vector (magnitude) you can get using only these two forces? What is the minimum (magnitude)? Page 1 of 2
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4. You have a mass m = 10 kg placed on a sloped track. The angle the track makes with the horizontal is 30 . Find the acceleration a of the mass. Also, what is the coefficient of friction μ required so that the mass does not move. 5. (Extra credit) In a bottle garden, soil and water are kept inside an airtight container. You sprinkle some
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