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Short Essay , 3 pages Read Jeanette Winterson’s stories ‘The Green Man’ and ‘Newton’. Both are on in the TEXTS folder. Your essay concerns only ‘The Green Man’, but I have included ‘Newton’ as a supplement, so you can get a feel of what kind of writer Winterson is, what kind of universe she seeks to depict. I think you’ll agree that the two stories depict, perhaps, a single universe. Examine the seven sentences in the story containing the word green. In each case ask yourself ‘what does green mean here; how is the thing/situation/event described green?’ It may not mean the same thing in each case, but together the seven meanings and their associations – the things that are said to be green, as well as others that are implied – constitute a specific field of meaning for green in the story. Now you are ready to address the question : Why/how is the protagonist in “The Green Man” a green man?; what is a green man?; what does it mean to be a green man?; and,
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