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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CHEE 305 TRANSPORT PHENOMENA SPRING 2017 Problem Set 1 Due: Wednesday January 25 1. A thin tape (surface area A) will be pulled at constant velocity between two fixed plates separated by a distance h by means of a fixed, known force F (see figure). The regions between the tape and the fixed plates are filled with liquids of different viscosity. The purpose of the setup is to coat both sides of the tape with different materials. We would like to develop a quantitative criterion to decide where to locate the tape between the plates (i.e. we would like to find the optimum value of ). (a) Consider the following data set: 1 = 1.5 Pa s 2 = 0.5 Pa s h = 2 cm F = 0.5 N A = 100 cm 2 To get an idea of the effect of on the tape velocity (v 0 ), plot v 0 vs. . Note that there is an optimum location that gives a maximum tape velocity. (b) If the objective is to locate the tape at a position that maximizes its velocity (and thus the
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