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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CHEE 305 TRANSPORT PHENOMENA SPRING 2017 Problem Set 6 Due: Wednesday, March 29 1. A large brass plate of 12 cm thickness and 3 m 2 of surface area that is initially at a uniform temperature of 22 C is heated in an oven maintained at 500 C for 3 minutes. The convective heat transfer coefficient from the plate in the oven is 175 W/m 2 K, and the brass plate has the following properties: = 8530 kg/m 3 , C p = 385 J/kg K, k = 85 W/m K. (a) Determine the surface temperature of the plate when it comes out of the oven. (b) How much thermal energy (J) has been absorbed by the plate during the heating process? (c) If after the plate comes out of the oven it is placed between two large slabs of perfect insulating material, what will be the temperature of the plate when it eventually becomes uniform? 2. We would like to explore how size affects the melting of cheese in a conventional oven and in a microwave oven. Two mozzarella cheese cubes of sides 0.8 and 0.4 cm are initially at 20 °C. Physical
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