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¨I would preferred to live in the Jamestown colony¨ Sacrifice and patience is the key to success; who does not risk does not win and the ¨Jamestown¨ people risked all to get there for nothing, because there was no gold but they never lost hope. Because of these reasons is why I would like to be part of Jamestown I would like to have been there because they were people that knew what they wanted and they got it without thinking about how hard it was or the work it would take even tough that was not what they expected. Being part of the first English colony who established would be a dream come true because how interesting would be to be part of how America started. Being part of this colony has its pros and cons like it would also have them the other ones. The first one is that they were really poor and because of that they had not that much hygiene, they also had a hard time to get food. It was a really hard situation that they experienced.
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