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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CHEE 305 TRANSPORT PHENOMENA SPRING 2017 Problem Set 3 Due: Monday, February 13 1 . A liquid film flows downward on the internal surface of a cylinder of radius R (see figure). The liquid film is exposed to air at the free surface (r = R). Air flows up at approximately constant pressure (P a ) in the core of the cylindrical space and the air flow exerts a known shear stress on the free surface of magnitude 0 . The liquid has known density and viscosity, and , respectively. (a) Find the velocity profile in the liquid film, v z (r). Select the z axis pointing down. (b) Find an expression to calculate the value of 0 that would make v z = 0 on the free surface (r = R). 2. The device shown in the figure consists of a flat conveyor belt moving at a velocity V in contact with a liquid film of thickness . The liquid has known density ( ) and viscosity ( ). The belt is parallel to a stationary plate of length L connecting two very large shallow reservoirs filled with
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