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JPN3 ORAL INTERVIEW STUDY GUIDE.pdf - Oral interviews will...

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1 日本語三 オーラルインタビューのスタディガイド Oral interviews will be held for two days on 6/2, Tuesday, and 6/3, Wednesday, during the last week of instruction. (There will be no class on those days.) You will sign up for a specific time slot (7 minutes each) and be interviewed individually. Since there are a total of 152 students to be interviewed, please keep the following in mind: (1) Please come to the room 5 minutes early and wait outside of the room to make the transition smoother. While you wait, please keep quiet. (2) If you come late for your appointed time, no extra time will be given to complete your interview. You will lose time and some points for the interview. (3) If you don’t show up at your appointed time, you CANNOT make up the interview. An interview make- up will be granted only in unavoidable circumstances such as a family emergency or serious illness with an appropriate written confirmation from a doctor. è It is your responsibility to show up and take the interview at your appointed time at the right location. Be sure to check the location in advance to avoid any mistakes. Section # & Teacher’s name Time (Each student will sign up for a specific time slot.) Location Section 1: Watanabe-sensei 9:00 A.M. - 9:56 A.M. Olson 53A Section 2: Saito-sensei 10:00 A.M. - 11:27 A.M. Olson 57 Sections 3 & 4: Uchida-sensei 9:49 A.M. - 12:54 P.M. Olson 53A & Olson 57 Sections 5 & 7: Sugano-sensei 11:40 A.M. - 5:36 P.M.
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