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Karla Aguirre English 1302 Mr. Valdespino April 24, 2014 Improving Illiterate There are thousands of illiterate people in the U.S. that do not put their education in their priority; but this is a wrong decision that must be deleted from their thoughts. Preparing for a good way of life is a goal that everybody should have in their lives. For example, reading is an awesome preparation to reach this goal. Reading is very important as government article says, ¨Increase the teaching of close reading to prepare students for standardized reading test and difficult reading¨ (Jaeger). Today the youth do not think of their future consequences by not doing the right things. Many people have lost an opportunity to become better people, but illiterate people have to be done and all those have to start thinking a good plan of life. This essay will be effective because it informs, persuades, and tries to get into people´s logic to act and use the programs that government offers. This could be reach by having these three easy steps that are: motivation for reading, a reason to read, and finally enjoy the reading. The first step is a good motivation for reading. Reading is so important, ¨If you teach a woman to read, the whole village learns¨ (Nuno-Toledo). Teaching at one person is good start ¨to increase literacy around the world¨ (Lee). After that every person has the right to obtain good education, but it needs a good motivation and that the person would like to experiment the life of reading books. Unfortunately global literacy still needs to be increased. ¨As well as explorers the lack of increased of increased global literacy rates despite universals education efforts¨(Lee). Reading is not boring as most people say especially youth. At the beginning, learning to read would be difficult because it is not a daily activity that a person have but little by little they will increase that interest and all the started by a motivation.
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The article written by Lee appeals to the reader’s emotions because the illiterate will have a harder time in their lives and with their families. Some examples of this are when you are trying to find a job, getting medical care for children, and other necessary things. “On average 19% of adult Texas can’t read a newspaper.” (Lee). This big numbers create some emotions as sadness, fear, depressed, unhappy, and pessimistic because the State do not show any interest with his data. Another example of an emotional appeal to this article is, “Texas has 6.5 million residents who speak a language other than English at home, almost double natural percentage, composing 38.6% of the Texas population.” (Lee) Texas has positive views of life. Being bilingual decreases the number of illiterate ones. Teaching the kids another language increases their opportunities to survive in a future. All starts with a good motivation towards the future.
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