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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Conference Presentation Paper Presented by Eduardo Hernandez September 26, 2017 INTRODUCTION Why is there conflict in the workplace? The workplace consists of people who have different expectations, so there will always be conflict in the workplace. Is this always a bad thing? It does not have to be if it is handled correctly. Conflict resolution needs to occur early before it gets out of control and employees are terminated, choose to leave, or litigation occurs. Conflict can be used as a growing and learning opportunity.[Mik12] Lee Jay Berman, a full-time mediator and trainer in the fields of negotiation and conflict resolution, lists thirteen tools 1 that can be used to resolve conflict in the early stages before it gets too big. They are: Stay Calm Listen to Understand Accentuate the Positive State Your Case Tactfully Attack the Problem, Not the Person Avoid the Blame Game Focus on the Future, Not the Past Ask the Right Kind of Questions Pick your Battles Link Offers Be Creative Be Confident Celebrate Agreement What do each of these mean? Stay Calm 1 13 Tools for Resolving Conflict by Jay Berman 1
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The opposite of calm is anger. People do not listen when they are angry and then the conflict will just escalate. All people involved in the conflict, whether directly or as the person trying to resolve the dispute between others, must be calm and reasonable about the situation.
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