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John Stuart Mill idealized freedom and individuality as the main focuses of mankind in any society. Although it is evident that he overemphasized freedom of speech, among other rights, Mill was highly influenced by his wife, Harriett Taylor, which prompted a more holistic and well rounded approach to society from his part compared to his colleagues. Taylor nourished the emotional side of Mill that had not developed and “opened his eyes to women’s rights, and even more importantly, mankind’s rights ( Heilbroner , 73).” Mill’s ideals could best be described by his own words: “mankind, individually or collectively, can do with them as they please….( Heilbroner , 72).” He was keen on highlighting the importance of individuality and freedom of opinion, claiming that one’s opinion should never be restricted, neither by society nor by the government. However, there was one exception to his belief on freedom of speech, when discussion involved an action that was harmful to other members of society. As long as a person’s conduct and voice did not threaten others, Mill
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