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POLS 102 SDSU Syllabus Spring 2013 Word format.docx

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1 Political Science 102 Introduction to American and California Government and Politics Section 22341 (Section 19) TTH 8:00-9:15am in PG-242 Section 22342 (Section 20) TTH 9:30-10:45 in PG-242 San Diego State University - Fall 2012 John Mercurio, Instructor Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TTH 11:00-12:00 Office: AH-4140 Course Objectives: 1) To show students the importance of questioning and critically analyzing information provided by our government, the media, and other sources. 2) To encourage students to think about the world around them and recognize the pervasiveness of politics. 3) To provide students with the necessary information to make informed decisions, both in the voting booth and elsewhere in life. 4) To facilitate student participation in politics, hopefully with positive results. Course Readings: I will be using one main text for this course. That text is Harrison and Harris, American Democracy Now , Third Edition (Custom Version), published by McGraw-Hill. This custom version comes with a login code that is REQUIRED for the class. You need this specific custom edition in order to pass this class . From this point on, I will refer to this book as HH. Any other readings will be done via the internet and will be accessed through our course Blackboard page. Our reading schedule is posted on our Blackboard page, and you are responsible for all dates and reading assignments. Our exam dates will also be listed on this reading schedule, as well as the course calendar. Graded Course Work: Two exams worth 100 points each Weekly homework assignments worth 100 points total Final exam worth 200 points There are a total of 500 possible points Extra Credit will not be offered in this class . Instead, do well on the course work assigned and you will earn the good grade yourself. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Course grade is based TOTALLY on points, according to the following scale: A = 500-463 B+ = 448-438 C+ = 398-388 D+ = 348-338 F = 298 or less A- = 462-449 B = 437-413 C = 387-363 D = 337-313 B- = 412-399 C- = 362-349 D- = 312-299 This grade scale is a “hard-point” scale, meaning that I do not change people’s grades because you came close to the next higher grade. If you “missed it by one,” then you missed it by one, and will not get the higher grade. No exceptions. Just as I don’t knock people down a grade because they “just got it by one,” I will not raise anyone’s grades, either. You earn what you earn, for better or worse. That’s life. Let me repeat: there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy at all. This is one of the things I am most serious about in
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2 this class. I WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR GRADE. Classroom Requirements: This class will utilize Blackboard as a course management tool. The syllabus will be available, grades will be posted and announcements made using the Blackboard interface. Make it a habit of checking the website regularly for updates (more than once per week).
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